Garfield Watson, Founder

Garfield is an accomplished athlete, trainer, and creator of innovative fitness programs designed to improve health, enhance performance, and promote a personal sense of well-being.

His distinctive philosophy reflects more than a decade of experience as a student of championship athletes and as a personal trainer to high-achievement individuals and professional athletes. A multi-disciplined competitor in amateur basketball, football, and track and field, Garfield is a certified personal trainer, sport conditioner, and boxing coach who trained with former Commonwealth and British Champion, Clyde Gray, and Canadian Olympic Coach, Dwight Frazier. Garfield is the 2013 Ringside World Masters Heavy Weight Champion.

In 2002, Garfield created Omega Fitness, his proprietary ‘life-fitness’ company dedicated to the evolving training needs of corporations, professional sport teams, and individual athletes. Among his high-profile clients have been leading corporations Baird MacGregor, Eli Lilly Canada and Sanofi Canada; members of the NHL and NBA (including Lindsay Hunter and Vince Carter); and contemporary recording artists Fefe Dobson and Ben Kowalewicz, lead singer of the Juno Award winning group, Billy Talent. His work continues with the launch of Elevate Fitness Studios.

With over 16 years of experience working with kids, Garfield is a strong advocate for fitness education starting from a young age.

In 2006, he developed two youth programs. The first was an in-school exercise program for the Toronto Board of Education on behalf of the Ontario Olympic Committee.  The second was a summer program called Personal Best fitness camp for kids. He teaches and develops fitness programs in the Toronto public and private school systems.

In 2000, he helped establish Curzons Executive Boxing Club at the SkyDome in Toronto where he managed the club’s boxing training team and oversaw more than 200 clients.

Designed to advance overall conditioning through an emphasis on improved core-strength, flexibility and coordination, his customized programs combining high-impact cardiovascular exercise and interval calisthenics with ‘classic’ boxing techniques and drills are challenging, motivational, and performance-driven. Among his proprietary programs is RBX: a creative cardio-boxing program that matches classic boxing punches with contemporary music formats.

Garfield has appeared in the media as a training expert and guest on Universal Record Group’s popular series, “Popstars”, etalk getting fit for tiff with Ben Mulroney, appeared on cp24 and CTV for his personally designed school and family fitness programs, and was on Dragons’ Den training with Bruce Croxon on a day in the life of the dragons episode.

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